Care & Protection for the Elderly
جمعية رعاية شؤون كبارنا

What we Do

Summer Camping

Kibarouna lauched its first summer camp in 2006 in Ajaltoun and have been organizing ever since, summer camps every year. The camp recieves around 50 persons who get the chance to spend a week in a decent, confortable, warm and welcoming place where they get to forget about their stressful conditions and get the best medical, social, pshycological, beauty assistance from specialits. In addition to that, they get surved by students from the nursing faculties of Notre Dame University and Saint Joseph University and enjoy doing diversified activities as well as trips around Lebanon.


Women and men above 64 years living at their homes in the suburbs of Beirut and suffering from stressful and poor social and psycological condititions, mainly from Bourj Hammoud, Nabaa, Karm el zeitoun, Sin el Fil, Ain el remane, Chiyah... Kibarouna chooses the beneficiaries of the camp upon the recommendation of the social workers of the Ministry of social affairs, the Restaurant du Coeur, Caritas, the Municipalities and the Centers of development services.